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  • David Crean

Thoughts on the Open Circle

There was a time in which illness was seen as a shared experience involving a whole community. Because people recognized the profound inter-connectedness of everyone and everything, it followed that what happened to one person would affect everyone else. While a disease might manifest in one person, it could threaten everyone’s well-being.

A disease that was not understood or was not getting better represented a ‘tear’ in the fabric of the universe. So the whole community would gather together to assess what was needed to bring back balance in the individual, in the community, in the environment. Elders, medicine people, everyone joined in to address and heal what was seen as a disruption in the continuum of life.

The Open Circle is an invitation to practice healing medicine by gathering together and bringing community into the journey.  By creating a circle of many practitioners and only one ‘client’ we open to another way of working with illness and in particular those suffering from acute and/ or chronic conditions who have tried seemingly everything with no positive outcome.

This is a creative, intuitive process which calls on each therapist’s deepest unconscious knowledge both as an individuals and as a whole group. The process of healing – becoming ‘whole’ –  is a creative act which unfolds through trust in the guidance of a consciousness that connects us all.

Welcome to the next step in the flowering of Body Resonance. I have long dreamed of creating a circle of practitioners working with one person at a time. I look forward to this Open Circle being the first of many.


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