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The intelligence of group synergy


A resonant frequency exists within any group of people, including those working in organizations and businesses. In this resonance a consciousness arises that is somehow ‘more’ than any individual’s awareness – a gestalt of awareness. If any one individual in a group is out of balance, it affects the whole. By applying the engaged presence of Body Resonance, another level of intelligence is encouraged to manifest, and in this way the group can function not only in harmony but more effectively and with greater flow.


The quality of engaged presence determines the outcome of any given challenge; deepening engaged presence inspires awareness, authenticity, responsibility, passion and integrity.  It is an inspirational process which has a ripple effect: change happens not only for the individual but also for everyone that individual is in connection with. The process supports unlimited personal creativity which can lead to emancipation from restrictive concepts and habitual tendencies.  In this way Body Resonance is a powerful tool for organizations and businesses, supporting the company as a whole to operate as a harmonious, living system.


David offers specifically tailored workshops and training for organizations. These can be single-day workshops (see ‘Exploration Days’), or longer events and retreats.


Themes include:


  • Resonant leadership

  • Presence training for teams

  • Accountability and consciousness

  • Empowerment: the individual and the whole

  • Intuition and innovation


David can be also booked for coaching and speaking engagements.



“Work is love made visible”
~ Khalil Gibran


Further information:

Katrin Unterberg

Tel: +49 (0) 2772 92 47 40

Mob: +49 (0) 171 21 16 865


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