Quantum Medicine Approach

Discover your untapped gifts: a three-year course for professionals 

This course of further education is directed towards everyone who wishes to enhance their life both personally and professionally.


The challenge will be to let go of all ideas and concepts you have about yourself and your work. From within a space of “not knowing” each participant deepens their experience of and connection to the wisdom of the body; and the body – in connection with all that is – directs the process of coming into balance. 


When we move from asking the question “Why is this so?” to “How am I participating?”, we undergo a transformation from resistance to acceptance and we become more fully in connection with the healing field.


The emphasis of these workshops is experiential within the theoretical framework of Body Resonance and quantum medicine.


Upon completion of the series participants will be able to integrate Body Resonance uniquely into their own work.


Participation is open to all those working either professionally or in a voluntary capacity in the field of physical, emotional and social well-being in support of people, animals or the environment.


Please note: I consider that each one of us contains the potential for our own and others’ well-being. In that sense we are all healers, no matter what our chosen profession might be.


A Quantum Medicine Approach is a 6-part series consisting of 5 weekend seminars and a final 5 day intensive workshop. The series has been developed as a sequence so that each part builds on the previous one. Participants may book a single module or elect to book several so long as the prior modules have been attended. There is no time limit to finish the course, though generally participants prefer to stay with ‘their’ group for the 6 parts (3 years).*


*Each year a new series (group) begins with Part 1; each series is numbered consecutively


Seminar Series


Part 1: Source of Experience


We come in contact with all aspects of life through the body. By experiencing the body as a sensor, you learn to identify information with all your senses. You will be encouraged to bring awareness to your body language, and to develop awareness of what you are communicating on an unconscious level – the subtle messages we are all sending and receiving.


This first weekend explores the self, offering the opportunity to look at your core patterns of behaviour, your conditioning, how you react in situations of stress, your motivations for your choice of vocation, the story you tell yourself of how things are.


Part 2: Creating my Reality


Any authentic relationship arises when you are able to observe and move beyond the story you tell yourself about ‘how things are’. You will be encouraged to develop the ‘watcher’ – a powerful tool for change and healing.


In this second weekend we explore how your conditioning limits your ability to create a healing, transformative space. We will look at the conclusions we make about our thought patterns and sensations and how our identification with this ’story‘ creates our experience of reality.


Part 3: Self-Care for the Healer


Personal health, well-being and integrity are vital in any professional practice. Ultimately taking care of the self is the way to clear the ground to serve another. However, being in service to others cannot be at the expense of self. Compassion and healing is not self-denial.


In this segment we explore the care and tuning of your physical and energetic body. You will learn clearing techniques and how to maintain on-going practices which support personal and professional development.


Part 4: Beyond Projection


A premise of Body Resonance is that everything exists in your own body. Your body is a sensor – what happens ‘outside’ you resonates within you. In this workshop you learn how to distinguish between the vibration of your own body and what is resonating from whoever you’re working with.


In the fourth part of this series we explore the nature of illness, and health: this applies to both individuals and communities. We look at all the ways in which our ideas and expectations create separation and limitation.

This process continues to deepen personal trust and intuition.


Part 5: Witness to Possibility


We are more fully in connection with the healing field when we include ourselves and begin to shift our perspective from “why” to “how”. When we move from asking the question “Why is this so?” to “How am I participating?”, we undergo a transformation from resistance to acceptance; thus creating the foundation for responsible action.


In the fifth part of this series you continue to learn how to get out of your own way by investigating what actually is happening in interpersonal relationships: for example between client/ practitioner, team leader/ team members, etc. You become aware that you are not simply an observer of the process of healing but are also an integral part of it.


In this healing field we will explore going beyond any learned techniques to make space for new creation.


Part 6: Not knowing – exploring the quantum mind


The last segment is a longer event, a sustained immersion in the healing field, designed to support the you to take a leap into a deeper level of the Body Resonance approach. You will be challenged to let go of all ideas and concepts you have about yourself and your work. We will explore the quantum mind which holds all possibilities and all potentials unrestrained by the past or conditioned by any expectation of the future.


From within a space of profound listening and ‘not knowing’ each participant deepens their experience of and connection to the wisdom of the body. When the logical processes of the mind are in the service of a greater consciousness, the fluid intelligence of the quantum mind becomes a tool to manifest and apprehend; and the body, in connection with all that is, directs the process of coming into balance.

Quantum Medicine Approach series: flyer PDF (3.3Mb)


Further information:

Katrin Unterberg

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Master Class

Intensive seminars integrating skillful awareness with practical methodology

A four-day seminar during which participants will be guided to access perceptual awareness at more subtle levels of working. Each master class is thematically designed and will bring specific, focused attention to particular ways of being in therapeutic and other interactional contexts, whether with people, animals or the environment.

Open to participants who have completed the Body Resonance: a Quantum Medicine approach series.

“To truly gain mastery, you must also be willing to take on the mantle of being a master. This means stepping beyond what you ‘know’ in order to discover what you could not previously imagine. It means stepping outside of your comfort zone to fall into ever deeper wisdom.”

~ David Crean


Further information:

Katrin Unterberg

Tel: +49 (0) 2772 92 47 40

Mob: +49 (0) 171 21 16 865



Aurora Group & Aurora Council

The resonant field: nurturing universal connectedness to manifest change

The Aurora Group is held in a specific space (AuroraDom, Kraig, Austria) that concentrates individual and group energy. Our challenge is as follows: the egg-shaped structure of the building will magnify whatever we bring to it. Whatever is present will create spin, just as in everyday life; however here the structure will have the effect of magnifying that spin with ever greater consequences. This means we interact with space as energy: the building itself *is* an instrument, one that we will learn to play.


To be able to hear and ultimately manifest music - healing vibration - we need to be ‘ordinary’. Our potential is to go through whatever holds us, to become integral with each other, the building, the land. We will be looking for a convergence in a space that expresses relationship - with self, each other, the environment - not as a fixed construct of the mind but as a constantly evolving, moving, shape-shifting expression of energy.


What might be manifested through such a focused harmonic vibration?

Certainly we can develop our collective potential and it is also possible that we develop capacities we were previously unaware of. This can only happen if we have the courage to ‘show up’ in each moment, sharing ourselves honestly, and giving everyone the gift of our vulnerability. This is how we work together, using the power of synergy.


Participation is open to anyone who has completed the Body Resonance: a Quantum Medicine approach series and a master class.


The Aurora Council is another stage of development, using Aurora work in different locations relating to space in ways that nurture the seeds planted at the Aurora Groups held in Kraig. There we tune in finely using the building structure itself as an instrument. For the Aurora Council, we meet in spaces which support an opening out in search of greater ‘impact’. This impact will arise from the synergy of connections developed at the Aurora Group; from the power released through the simple presence of heightened ‘aware’ connectivity with each other and the space.

We are living in a time of change, a time of great instability - social, political, environmental. Our deepest shadows emerge when fear is stirred in such a climate. So what is our response? Is it is a call to consciousness, opening a doorway of possibility? Change may be uncomfortable but is undoubtedly an opportunity for growth.


Healing can no longer have a narrow focus. Once we asked how we might find relief from pain; now we are asked what we have to offer. There is a great need to develop new skills and new language in order to serve individuals, our communities and the earth.


With the Aurora Council, we have another opportunity to devote ourselves to the necessary work of transformation, to embrace true wisdom and discover effective and powerful healing ways. This is a conscious act of creation.


The image of the sphinx comes to mind: the body of a lion, breast of a woman with the head of a man crowned by the hood of a cobra. The sphinx, ancient beyond our imaginings, is a symbol of integration and transcendence. It is also a description of our evolution - specifically the development of the brain. As a symbol of healing the sphinx expresses “wholeness” through the integration of all parts, from the primal reptilian energy, through mammal instincts of nurturing and protection of the group, to a higher intellect and the ‘kundulini rising’ of the serpent to connect all in a higher union. This is a manifestation of a greater potential - a metamorphosis.


In terms of evolution, in the development of ‘us’ - are we perhaps living in the time when the caterpillar pupates, before becoming a butterfly?


Though we cannot command ‘grace’ to appear, like sailors we can raise up our sails in the hope of a carrying wind.


Participation is open anyone who has attended an Aurora Group. In some cases this limitation can be waved to include those who have completed the Body Resonance: a Quantum Medicine approach series and a master class.


Further information:
Katrin Unterberg
Tel: +49 (0) 2772 92 47 40
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Facilitator Training

Working with groups and the dynamics of space

Each Quantum Medicine Approach course has space for two facilitator trainees who will develop skills in understanding how the energy of a group affects the individual and how the energy of an individual affects the group as a whole. Facilitators will learn to perceive how space itself affects group and personal dynamics and how to influence energetic information within (and of) the space.


The training includes:


  • How to understand the specific nature of awareness required to support the momentum of the group

  • How to work in a way that not only supports the individual but includes and brings the whole group to another level of awareness

  • How to ‘take the temperature’ of the room and participants to determine what is the main current running through

  • Understanding how the energy of a space works - what are the characteristics of the space so that you can work ‘with’ it?

  • How to de-code and influence energetic information of the group as a whole and of the space the group is held in


This work is experiential in order to foster a deeper learning in how to move from a critical analysis of ‘what you know’ (or think you know) to opening to information that may even feel counter-intuitive.


This training is suitable for anyone working with groups of any kind. It includes one-on-one Skype coaching with David and a practicum.


Participation is by application. Anyone who has completed the Body Resonance: a Quantum Medicine approach series and a master class may apply.


Facilitator Training for Organizations and Businesses


Business, organization and team leaders can benefit from the above training. It can be tailored to suit your specific organizational needs or time constraints. Please see Health for Organizations.

Further information:
Katrin Unterberg
Tel: +49 (0) 2772 92 47 40
Mob: +49 (0) 171 21 16 865


The Open Circle

The Ego-less practitioners’ Intensive

There was a time in which illness was seen as a shared experience involving a whole community. Because people recognized the profound interconnectedness of everyone and everything, it followed that what happened to one person would affect everyone else. While a disease might manifest in one person, it could threaten everyone’s well-being.


A disease that was not understood or was not getting better represented a ‘tear’ in the fabric of the universe. So the whole community would gather together to assess what was needed to bring back balance in the individual, in the community, in the environment. Elders, medicine people, everyone joined in to address and heal what was seen as a disruption in the continuum of life.


The Open Circle intensive is an invitation to practice healing medicine by gathering together and bringing community into the journey.


By creating a circle of many practitioners and only one ‘client’ we recognize the importance of entering sacred space, listening for what ‘wants to come through’ in service of restoring and creating healing ways that do no harm to individuals or the earth. We open to another way of working with illness and in particular those suffering from acute and/ or chronic conditions who have tried seemingly everything with no positive outcome.


This intensive is not, however, an exercise in holding space. It is not enough to simply enter sacred space in the hope that all answers will appear. There is a learning curve on how to ‘read’ what is there, how to encourage and manifest ‘what wants to come through’. This requires another level of tuning in.


Participating as a client in the Open Circle takes courage. Those with acute, complex and/ or chronic conditions taking a session with a single or even two therapists will always have the possibility to hide, distort or manipulate (consciously or unconsciously), but working simultaneously with a large team of therapists these strategies have an opportunity to dissolve, revealing a deeper truth and healing for all.


The *engaged presence* of each practitioner in the Open Circle leads to the greater illumination of a whole-group presence. This creates an energetic nexus - a harmonic that is greater than the sum of all the parts - that will offer a powerful experience for any client seeking a very different approach to therapy and the possibility for well-being that has evaded them for years.


The Open Circle process benefits not only the client but also everyone who  takes part. Practitioners will embark on a personal healing process in addition to learning specific skills and playing a role in healing ‘with’ clients.


Participation is by invitation. If you are interested, however, please let us know.


If you are interested in participating as a client, please contact Katrin Unterberg.


Further information:

Katrin Unterberg

Tel: +49 (0) 2772 92 47 40

Mob: +49 (0) 171 21 16 865



Exploration Days

Single-day workshops cultivating mastery within specific themes

For Practitioners


These day-long workshops guide you to develop flexibility working within resonant fields and to bring your engaged presence to specific areas of healing processes and relationships.

Themes could include the following:

  • Exploration of perceptual fields

  • Radiant communication

  • Entanglement connection

  • Moving energy

The group size is limited to a maximum number of 9 participants.


Participation is open to all who have completed at least Part 5 of the series Body Resonance – a quantum medicine approach.

For Organizations and Businesses

Exploration Day themes can also be designed for organizational or business needs.

For example:

  • Resonant leadership

  • Presence training for teams

  • Accountability and consciousness

  • Empowerment: the individual and the whole

  • Intuition and innovation


Please see Health for Organizations

Further information:
Katrin Unterberg
Tel: +49 (0) 2772 92 47 40
Mob: +49 (0) 171 21 16 865