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"I had a series of sessions with David which were very helpful on many levels. My recommendation is to trust David, put yourself into his hands and thereby open the path for healing.” ~ Dagmar Helman BA, Re. MTh. Minister
“David is right there with his amazing capacity to tune in to whatever needs attention. His experience and knowledge of the body, psyche and energy and his empathy create a package of wisdom which helped release old holdings.” 
~ Christel Meissner, Energy worker

“It has been a deeply impressive experience for me to witness the calmness and depth David connects with each client / patient. Especially for me, not only as a cranio-sacral therapist but also as a speech therapist, it was a different kind of communication. I’ve learned to listen to what the patient says and see what shows, but I now perceive that there are also quite different dimensions – including what I feel right now in the moment of encounter. I was amazed how much more I could instantly learn about my patients and how much more rapidly the therapy moved forward. Progress happens by itself, intuitively, without effort. Communication happens from heart to heart, from soul to soul, and not only of mind to mind or from a treatment plan.” ~Andrea Schramek, Speech Therapist, Craniosacral Therapist

“David’s teaching has really helped me. His feedback made me more mindful of the very fine line between therapeutic presence and the danger of getting too involved in the feelings of the client. His teaching demonstrates an attitude or way of being … a way of being without judgments, but with a lot of unconditional love and appreciation.” ~ Dr. Ulrike Dollack

“Before I met David, I felt like a goldfish in a bowl, always swimming in circles with no way out no matter how hard he tries. This was a scary feeling and I felt helpless and at the mercy of life, unable to do anything. Then I participated in one of David’s workshops in which he shared his varied experience and knowledge. David is a fascinating teacher who understands the needs and fears of the participants and how to respond. In the group exercises, and with his words he opens doors that were closed a long time; helping you accept what is hidden there. David’s presence and his ability to completely empathize with and understand each person helped me to open myself, to recognize my patterns and work on them. After the workshop, I felt a quiet and powerful energy inside me. I rested in ‘me’; I felt confident, I was at peace with myself. I’ll never forget this moment of consciousness to which David led me. Thank you David.” ~ Alexandra Singer

“In his training for therapists, David shows what it means to ‘open the space’ and meet the other person value-free beyond techniques or methods; to share the presence of NOW with the patient / client; as a therapist to be sensitive, neutral, open, and not only to open spaces with respect to the treatment, but also in relation with themselves (ie. In a therapy, what happens for another also happens in me).” ~ Carmen Beranek

“[David Crean] has the un-comparable ability to pick up EVERY member in the group where this person actually is, without losing the real thread and demonstrates beside his impressionable practical work, that because of his theoretical knowledge he’s able to build a bridge between spirituality and science. This experience gives  me a lot of  self confidence and  takes a lot of pressure off me in certain therapy situations, which turn to be effective and relaxing (for me) at the same time. Marvellous… I took a lot of courses, did a lot of workshops in my life, but this experience …  was overwhelming and one of the milestones of my professional development!” ~ Mario Crnjac, Physiotherapist, Craniosacral Therapist

“David is right there with his amazing capacity to tune in to whatever needs attention. His experience and knowledge of the body, psyche and energy and his empathy create a package of wisdom which helped release old holdings.” ~ Christel Meissner, Energy worker

“For me, David is a very compassionate teacher who receives exactly the mood and needs of the group and reacts to it. There is always room for questions and emotions, no one has to cope with his story alone. This creates a secure framework, and gives us the opportunity to feel our limitations and to expand. I was deeply impressed by the impartiality in which he meets people. I try to implement this in my life and work. This honesty is wholehearted and has become one of my top priorities. Frankly, it’s very difficult!” ~ Gudrun Gallob, Physiotherapist

“Today, after many months, I still have so many impressions and situations from the seminar that I can draw on to cope with many everyday situations which previously seemed difficult, but now seem much lighter.” ~ Bernd Jantke, fire fighter, Germany

“My idea of what a successful,”good” therapy is supposed to be, has changed. What I find most wonderful are the changes that have taken root in my life; something touching, loving.“ ~ Roswitha Neuherz, Speech therapist, Austria

“You cannot describe in words what you have to experience for yourself.  Thank you, David.” ~ Karin Schuster

“Working with David was an intense and joyful reminder that by releasing the “doing”, the past and the future, I release contraction and pain. His sensitivity, perception and touch was deeply caring, skilled and acute – perhaps the most helpful I have known.” ~ Linda Wolcott Moore, Photographer and writer

“I  want to thank you for giving me so much when you were here. I can’t find the words. They pale. You were so tuned into what I needed and wanted.  Thank you. You were exactly on target during each session, zooming into the precise issue and giving me helpful skills. You have a rare talent.”~ Caren Cross

“David Crean is not only an excellent body worker and physical therapist but he is tuned in to his healing power. The awareness of this gift helps him to abandon personal gain to a high degree and he thereby enables his clients to awaken their own healing powers within. I have been a psychotherapist for 35 years, with experience in therapeutic massage and bioenergetics. I am also a minister affiliated with the Asclepius Foundation, a non-profit, non-denominational religious organization. I had a series of sessions with David which were very helpful on many levels. My recommendation is to trust David, put yourself into his hands and thereby open the path for healing.” ~ Dagmar Helman BA, Re. MTh. Minister

“The best thing I felt was the feeling of wholeness and totality between mind and body, you were the first person who put these two aspects together in my body and the result was: a great energy and a restful sleep! Thank you for your professionalism and your ability to integrate all the aspects of a person! And, last but not least, for the great energy you transmit.” ~ Daniele di Santo, Osteopath, Italy

“David Crean is a remarkable healer, with multiple talents and skills that can quickly affect a broad range of physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. During the session, I had an amazing experience that showed me a new level of absolute relaxation and nonverbal bliss that, as an adult, I had never known.  In fact, this bliss felt so “normal” that it was only a few minutes after the table session that I realized the pain of not being in that state was a constant denial in my life.  This was truly a life changing moment, freeing intense energy through the dissolving of this illusion, made possible by this very talented man.  Do not miss an opportunity to experience his work!” ~ Robert Willard, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and author, USA

“My work has changed, I take more responsibility for myself and let the client take theirs. Techniques are good and helpful; though it is mindful presence, being there in the moment, that opens the space.” ~ Heide Schmidt, physiotherapist, Austria

“The seminar with David Crean was very exciting and interesting; for me personally it brought much clarity. I recommend it most warmly.  You learn to know yourself better, finding out which patterns you carry and how to let them go.” ~ Liane

“This was the first time that I’d taken part in this kind of workshop. I was curious and a little fearful. My fear dissipated though at times I wondered what I was doing. More and more I became centred and felt very good, better, more comfortable and I started to listen inside myself. I would like to share this experience with many friends. I recommend this work. Thanks.” ~ Roswitha Schäfer

“Thank you, David, again and again, for another weekend leaving me confused but at the same time trustful … I just wanted to say how grateful I am how much I learnt in only two days. Thank you!” ~Lena Hopp

“I feel much better since the individual session with my hand. The scar is soft and only slightly painful to the touch now. I am profoundly grateful that my hand has improved and I canceled the further operation for the moment. Even though I can still feel the suture, I firmly believe that this will change. I told you, how often I felt anger, resentment, fear and despair when I felt that scar in my right hand and it hurt often. Since the individual session these emotions are gone and I take my right hand almost as true as the left – I am so deeply grateful!” ~ Gaby Schlenkert, physiotherapist

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