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David Crean, Founder & Facilitator

How Body Resonance Began

The work of Body Resonance grew out of my own healing journey which began in the theatre where I worked as an actor and director. I went on to deeper personal discovery through psychotherapy and with spiritual teachers. I became fascinated with the connection between mind, body and spirit. I studied with chiropractors, doctors and healers from many walks of life.


I began to facilitate workshops and give individual sessions to a wide variety of people – therapists, children, business leaders, refugees and people in prisons.


The people who came to me as clients presented such a wide range of issues that I needed constantly to adapt and work according to the specific needs of the individual or group. Some people were simply feeling out of balance and were looking for something ‘more’ to life. Others had acute or chronic physical pain or illness, emotional distress, and often what I characterized as ‘life issues’.


The deeper I looked into the interactions between people within the workshops and sessions, the more I became aware of an encompassing field in which all this interaction occurs. I began to experience myself as a kind of tuning fork in this resonant field; hence the name Body Resonance.


Although I still work with individuals and offer workshops for people looking to experience themselves more fully, I now teach Body Resonance not only as an approach for therapists and health practitioners but also for those in other professions seeking greater ease and effectiveness in their work.


Body Resonance has further developed, going beyond the health and body of the individual into the ‘health’ and ‘body’ of any organization or group of people working together.

Some Biographical Details

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