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  • David Crean


In March of the coming year a new course will begin: Series 14. This thought makes me pause as I realise I’ve been teaching this course for more than seventeen years (including a period of Covid lockdown interruptions). The course has changed a lot in that time. I’ve changed, though I don’t notice that so much except for my physical body, changes I’m not always so immediately accepting of!

We don’t see the change in ourselves, or at least it’s not so easy to recognize the internal changes that happen when we heal and our shadows become integrated. We need others to reflect that back. This is part of the power of working in a group; the mirroring effect is magnified.

There is a field that concentrates the energy of all those present. I am always touched (as is everyone in the groups) by how people are, the challenges/ obstacles in their lives that are shared. Sometimes simply having the space to be able to speak can be enough to move the emotional and mental blocks that we might have.

We think of ourselves and the world predominantly as a collection of ‘things’. And yet, in truth, we are not. A ‘thing’ in itself is nothing without being in relationship. It would be more accurate to say that every ‘thing’ is defined by the its relationships, its connections. Both ancient wisdom and modern science (quantum mechanics) point to the essential of life not as a solid building block of substance but rather the continual interplay of relationships. We are our relationships; so if you want to know the quality of your life, then look at the quality of your relationships.

This time of year is traditionally a time of celebration. The shorter days and longer nights encourage us to look inwardly and take stock of ourselves and the past year. We can acknowledge the obstacles and challenges, what didn’t go as well as we’d have liked and we can also open ourselves with hope and a sense of renewal for the coming year. You might ask yourself: what would support such a renewal in you? What would support you to navigate the uncertainties that are a part of life? What brings you joy? In these ongoingly uncertain and challenging times, I wish that you choose to gift yourself with what can support you most fully. Joy happens when we forget ourselves as persona and simply give ourselves to what is present. This is play. Peace arises when we experience acceptance for all that is in our lives.

I wish you the best of health to appreciate all the life that is here.


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