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  • David Crean

The Gathering

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

On the last weekend of June, 2019, a number of us came together to celebrate all our connections: within our own community as well as all those other communities that touch our lives. We stayed at the wonderful Stoderhof Hotel in Hinterstoder, and were well taken care of – thank you Ricky and Gudrun.

The theme for this Gathering was ‘Conscious Community: a time to celebrate and nurture our relationships’.

We walked through the forest, with the high mountains and a steep cliff face towering above us, until we came to the source of a river. The water seemed to rise gently out of the ground next to a large boulder, yet within 20 meters downstream the water rushed in a torrent. This was a powerful place: the peace of the glade in which the water rose silently from the ground underscored the power of the rapids a short distance away.

Here we made offerings. Each person brought something that was significant for them and laid it on the rock next to the rising pool. In a short while the rock was covered in a collage of flower petals, small stones, twigs, cocoa powder and sand from a distant desert. The cacao was a gift from our youngest member, 2 year old Rafael, who annointed his offering with water from a small watering can he had also brought for his part in the ritual. Lenni, the dog, enjoyed licking this unexpected treat.

We made ‘space’: there was room for us all and together we welcomed whatever ‘wanted to come through’. I am grateful for our time together.

The Gathering June 2019


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