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  • David Crean

What Matters Most? A new year message for 2022

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

As I sit to write this new year message I find myself taking a long pause as I connect with you. It doesn’t matter whether we’ve seen each other recently or not for a while, I feel a warmth tuning into this community, our Body Resonance family.

We had a fundraising in December and the response exceeded all my expectations. Thank you to all those who contributed. Currently the amount of donations stands at just over €3,500. This provides substantial support for a number of people who would not otherwise be able to participate in any workshop or the Quantum Medicine course. For me, your generosity represents an acknowledgement of the value of the work of Body Resonance. This feels supportive for me personally, and I am grateful to you all.

This time of transition from one year to another provides a natural reminder to pause and reflect on what we’ve been through, where we’ve come to and where we want to go. Traditionally it is a time when we make resolutions for the new year. I wonder: are they similar to the ones you made last year? And, is there a flavour of self-admonishment in your resolution: that you are somehow telling yourself that you have to change because you have not done well enough?

Let the resolutions go, at least for a moment. Take a nice easy breath and ask yourself: what matters most?

2021 was a challenging year. It’s important to acknowledge the challenges faced in the past year (particularly in relation to coronavirus).

A mentor once asked me: how comfortable are you with uncertainty? At the time I considered that I was pretty comfortable with change. This last year and a half has certainly tested that with all the cancellations, postponements, rescheduling needed to keep pace with the ever fluid pandemic restrictions. I cannot say that I meet every obstacle with joy, though I have noticed that I carry on. I make plans as if there were no obstacle and then I adjust when the time comes. I consider this an achievement.

What have you done well?

No doubt we will be facing further disruptions due to restrictions intended to protect our collective health. There is a tiredness that has set in - a Covid fatigue - that brings up a host of feelings; frustration, fear, helplessness and sadness. We are changed by what is happening. We cannot deny this nor can we go back to some mythical ‘normal’; we can only meet what life brings us.

When we can flow with rather than fight the current, we experience a kind of alchemy. By bringing awareness to the habitual, the habit that keeps us in a loop of automatic behaviour loosens its hold. We become more alive, more in touch with what is actually happening rather than our internal movie show of unconscious thinking.

This opens up a host of wonderful possibilities and I recognise that all of them depend on the quality of my (and your) relationships. It is through our relationships that we experience growth, joy, a feeling of belonging. Whenever we have come together as a group, I have experienced a level of caring and loving attention more far-reaching than ever before. I notice how quickly participants, individually and as a group, move through whatever issues arise. Resolutions seem to flow with ease.

I am touched by all the little miracles that I’m witnessing in groups and individual sessions and they seem to be happening more and more.

I am inspired by these words:

“Do your little bit of good where you are.

It’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world”

Desmond Tutu (1931-2021)

May we cherish all the little miracles this year and all the years to come.


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