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  • David Crean


2023 represents for me a new beginning; this is reflected back to me in a number of ways. In terms of numerology it is a '1' year for me, a beginning. Each new year’s eve, I draw a Tarot card for the new year; the card I drew this time was the Moon (XVIII of Trumps). This is a 'gateway' card that indicates new life arising when the seeker passes through.

In the Chinese calendar we are entering the year of the Rabbit, specifically the Yin Water Rabbit. Interestingly the Rabbit is associated with the moon, representing the feminine qualities of sensitivity and intuition. This Rabbit year 2023 will offer a balance to the dynamic year of the Tiger we have just undergone.

An ancient Chinese legend tells of the Jade Emperor who, in search of a trustworthy helper, disguised himself as a beggar. For a long time the emperor as a beggar found himself despised and rejected. One evening as he sat starving before his fire, a Rabbit appeared and leapt into the fire, giving his life to feed the starving man. At that moment the Emperor revealed his true self and took the generous Rabbit to the moon where together they created the Elixir of Life. The Rabbit is a symbol of healing and longevity; it is also a symbol of good luck. So, like the Rabbit, I encourage you to jump for surely you will be lucky at this time.

I have long heard the call of the unknown. Intuition tells me transformation is always possible when we bring light to where there is darkness. Wisdom is gained by the willingness to confront ignorance, awareness gained through meeting unawareness. Like the Rabbit of Chinese legend, I look forward to leaping through the fire that replenishes and revitalizes. I look forward to bringing this energy into all the workshops and especially the new course starting in March (10-12 March 2023).

It may be difficult to precisely explain what happens during a Body Resonance workshop, though feedback over the years gives me confidence to say that the benefits are far-reaching in people’s lives. As Lao Tzu said, ’the true Tao cannot be said’ though it can be heard.

I am more energized and excited than ever before to continue offering this course. So, if there is anyone who you feel would enjoy, be challenged and fulfilled by participating, please encourage them to get in touch.

Grateful for your support over all the years.


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