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  • David Crean

Resting in Love – nurturing a creative response to the crisis of our times

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

A 5-day online retreat (via Zoom)

For many of us this period of ‘social distancing’ and isolation is an opportunity to go deep and become quiet. And yet it’s so easy to be distracted by the news, by social media or by feelings of frustration, anxiety and fear. Many of us are feeling tired in a way that has little to do with the daily tasks we are engaged with. In this period of rapid change, our psyches need to adjust to an unknown future.

This retreat will evoke an inner stillness and sense of ease to support this adjustment. You will be guided to be *with* what is happening now and to open your creativity in preparation for what is yet to come. The retreat will provide a framework for you to bring a clarity and focus so understanding and healing can arise. The seeds of the future lie within each of us and the future is created from the blueprint we set in the present. How you are in this moment influences how you will be in the next.

We are living in unprecedented times. It is also an unprecedented time of possibility. What do you want called forth in you? How might that manifest?

Together may we take a quantum leap and create a more loving world.

In this 5-day retreat I will guide you online with daily morning meditations. There will be activities to engage with in presence during the day – how much time you decide to give to these activities is up to you. Each afternoon we will gather together (online) for a chance to share and connect. In the evening we will participate in a focussed/ intentional meditation (the topic/ issue will be determined by what arises during the afternoon session). The evening meditation will be a ‘Big Time’ meditation in which each participant connects and joins in virtually from their own living space without assistance of any communication technology.

Retreat Outline:

· We’ll begin the retreat with an evening meditation/ talk and preparation (1.5 hours)

Each following day:

· A morning meditation session (1 hour)

· Daily focus (participants actively engaged in a specific activity with presence)

· Afternoon session including discussion and time to share (2 hours)

· Evening Big Time meditation – intention to be set during the afternoon session

Small group (up to 12 participants)

Please note: there are 2 groups (Group 2 is in English only)

Group 1: English with German translation

Date: 06 - 11 May, 2020

Time: Begins on Wednesday 18:30 (17:30 GMT), ends Monday 11 May at 19:00 (18:00 GMT) Please contact organiser for daily schedule

Location: online via Zoom

Price: Euro - €245

For booking and more information:

Katrin Unterberg

Tel: +49 (0) 2772 92 47 40

Mob: +49 (0) 171 21 16 865

Group 2: English only

Date: 21 - 26 May, 2020

Time: Begins on Thursday 21 May at 3pm (GMT), ends Tuesday 26 May at 5pm (GMT)

Please contact organiser for daily schedule

Location: online via Zoom

Price: Sterling - £185

For booking and more information:

Charlie Whitestone

Tel: +44 (0) 7794 542515‬


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